Key Concepts

The technical solution for this application level architecture framework was developed from a number of contemporary software development techniques that were deemed to be useful to the target problem domain, predominantly the Service Component Architecture (SCA). This provides flexibility whilst still retaining the predictability needed to achieve the rigorous safety certification and security accreditation processes used in the defence industry.


ECOA Application Software Components (ASCs) are composed of modules which are sequential units of execution. Modules contain the application code and may run in parallel.


The ECOA solution provides mechanisms to make software components portable across computing platforms through use of an interfacing layer called a ‘container’.


Modules are deployed on computing resources based on non functional analysis, with the help of protection domains which offer at least memory space segregation.


ECOA ASCs communicate with other ECOA ASCs on different computing platforms using any of the three mechanisms, events, request-response and versioned data.

More information is available in the Key Concepts document.